Santushti Restaurant at The Grand Thakar Hotel, Rajkot

restaurant The Grand Thakar Hotel Rajkot

One of the most famous, delicious and sought after restaurants in Rajkot is our Santusti Restaurant at The Grand Thakar Hotel, Rajkot. A constantly changing menu, with umpteen options and varieties, the restaurant serves up fresh tasty food. The well-known fact about Grand Thakar Hotel is the Gujarati Thali. The Thali has an unbeatable taste, that will leave you craving for more. 

The Grand Thakar also offers Special Kathiyawadi plus an assorted mix of continental, Punjabi, Chinese as well as Indian cuisine. Guests will be guided to the dining area during meal times. The food is served in a thali immediately on being seated at the table. Servings are unlimited. The staff has been instructed not to constantly hover around you and yet be attentive. In case you have a specific requirement, a supervisor will be there to assist you. Dine with delight at one of the best restaurants in Rajkot and have a satisfying and yet delicious meal.